GSI Ceramica sink with Crosswater brass wall taps

Bathroom Project Planning

Planning a bathroom project often surprises people at the amount of decisions that need to be made. Layout, taps, tiles, grout & lighting – your plumber will soon be firing questions at you left, right and centre!

First thing to pin down are brilliant contractors! Someone who looks after the full installation is easiest but if you’re using individual contractors (plumber, plasterer, tiler) then make sure you have the order of work nailed and confirmed.

Then, think about the layout of the room. If you have space for a separate shower, brilliant. If not, consider whether you would rather have a bath with shower over or if you’re happy to lose the bath for a bigger, walk-in shower space. Kids often like a bath. It is much easier with younger children especially to have one in the house. If it’s just you, just the two of you or you have older children then a bigger walk-in shower can feel really luxurious. This can also help the room feel more spacious by keeping a really simple look with a glass screen and low profile tray or wet room floor.

Next, factor in enough space for your WC and basin. I like to tuck the WC away behind the door or out of view if this is an option. It’s best to have wall space above a basin for a mirror so try not to plan this for under a window. If space is at a premium then a wall-hung vanity unit can be a brilliant space-saver to store away all your gubbins. Another great storage option is a recessed mirror cabinet. Hidden in a stud wall is ideal or building a solid wall in just 150mm will allow for this super sleek option.

Don’t forget lighting or let your electrician talk you into countless spotlights. There are so many brilliant bathroom lights available to enhance your long soak or cast a lovely glow at night. Wall lights look great by the sink as do low hanging pendants by the bath – just check they’re IP65 rated.

Lastly, the fun bit. Finishes – chrome, brass, black, bronze – so many options available to really play around with the overall look. Then for the colour & pattern. Tiles & paint, this is where you can really create a space entirely personal to you and have fun with it. Once you have your finished room be sure to add in some great art prints & plants to bring it all to life.

It’s really worth putting in the time & effort when planning a bathroom project. Kitchens and bathrooms are the rooms which tend to take the most financial investment and which we live with the longest so it pays to get it just right. As always, if you need advice on your design & installation – get in touch, I’d love to help.

hexagon lined floor tiles white and blue