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Guest Blog – Photography

We were excited to work on the interior design of the studio of local photographer Julie Harris Photography who features in our latest Guest Blog. Tell us a little about yourself…

I have been a photographer for 10 years now. Starting when my children were very young was perfect, I was able to set-up in my home and it worked perfectly around them.
Before children, I had worked as a graphic designer and previous to that had always been obsessed with photography. Around aged 10, I got my very first camera. A little hand-held Kodak, flip over camera with a zoom – very state of the art back then! I have always taken photos: of my family, of events, at weddings, parties and just everyday life. I just love looking and watching for ’the moment’ then catching the expression to wow my subject.

After working from home for around 6 years it was becoming very apparent that I was running out of space. Gradually taking over the house with equipment. So, after much thought we decided to convert our outside garage and parking space into a beautiful bespoke viewing and shooting area.

What or who do you photograph?

I love all photography but my passion is photographing people. It truly is an obsession. The ultimate goal is always to catch that emotive expression, which is then immortalised and enjoyed forever.

You worked with nest on the interior of your studio, how important was it to get this right?

It was so important to get this right. Everything I do is visual so this new space had to be the perfect backdrop to showcase my work. We were investing a lot into this project, it was crucial that it both looked and felt right for my brand. It needed to be stylish, a bit quirky but comfortable too. Offering my clients a beautiful space to enjoy their photo experience. I had lots of ideas which were all swirling around my head and I knew Lucy was the perfect person to bring them together. She made sense of them and put her fantastic touch & expertise to the project.

What is different about photographing interiors compared to other types of photos?

The biggest difference is that they don’t move, and I don’t need to make them laugh! Lighting is still crucial and angles are everything when shooting interiors. A great eye for composition and positioning of accessories. It offers a huge scope for creativity on a different level.

Do you have any quick and dirty tips for people wanting to take good interior shots?

The main tip I can give someone with an iPhone is to be really mindful of the light. The resolution won’t be as good as with a professional camera, if your interior is too dark it won’t translate well onto the web or social media. So, make sure you take the photo on a well lit, cloudy day. Not bright sunshine. This is important because otherwise you’ll get areas which are too bright and harsh shadows which will distract from the final photo. As a rule of thumb, your goal is to balance the light in your space so that you avoid both over-lit and under-lit spots in your shot.

If you can invest in a better camera with a higher resolution then maybe start looking at the lens you are using. A wide angle is best and put the camera on a tripod, at waist height or slightly higher. External light would be the next step, to bounce or throw light into any dark corners of a room. Editing is the final ‘cherry’ on the interior photography ‘cake’. Here you can enhance less than desirable lighting scenarios, boost colours, and correct any bad angles.

Final tips:
1. Really get back as far as you can. In a corner, through a window or just get out of the door. Even include some of the doorway into your shot, you can always edit it out after. 2. Hold your breath, if not using a tripod. 3. Ideally, include just two walls. 4. The room must be perfectly cleaned & tidied, including windows.

If all else fails, get a professional to do it for you. It takes the hassle, worry & stress out of it for you. Plus they will give angles and a creative vision you may not have seen yourself.

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