worksurface samples and paint colours

What does an Interior Designer do?

Why use an Interior Designer? One of the reasons I set up nest was to provide flexible and down to earth interior design services. I wanted it to be accessible and affordable. Interior designers are not just for people with pots of money, happy to have their home overhauled by somebody else.

So, that is what I don’t do. I don’t charge crazy fees (I charge by the hour, transparent and simple) or impose my design preferences on my clients. I work collaboratively with them to create spaces they love and want to spend time in. Spaces which work for them & their families & guests.

How do I do this?

I listen, properly listen and aim to establish a good relationship with my clients from the outset. Accurately scoping out the project is key to everything going well from the outset. Getting along well together means that if issues come up (they will, it’s the nature of projects), we can work together to iron them out.

Other perks?

I save you time and stress. My clients are normal people with busy lives. They don’t want to spend evenings and weekends schlepping around showrooms (often with kids in tow) or poring over websites/brochures. How much time is saved depends on the size of your project but this can really come into its own on an extension or renovation project. Sourcing for countless items, co-ordinating contractors & suppliers along with understanding and planning the order of work can push some people close to the edge even before they’ve seen a speck of dust.

I have a network of trusted contractors: architect, builder, kitchen designer, plumber, electrician, decorator, curtain maker, flooring supplier etc. etc. Plus, they are all reliable, friendly, professional and local.

I can actually save you money. I have trade accounts with a wide range of suppliers and the discounts often cover the design fees of a project. Win-win.

Aside from the above, I work to see your home as a whole, ensuring an extension works with the existing space(s), thinking practically about how you will move around and use the space, where you will store things, the boring but essential parts of space planning. I also help to whittle down the endless ideas on Pinterest, in magazines, on Instagram to avoid you feeling overwhelmed, I cut through the noise.

In a nutshell, I aim to make your project enjoyable. Hopefully my increasing number of returning clients prove this to be true.