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A Stylish & Elegant Bathroom

Thinking of updating your bathroom? Here are some pictures from a recent project.

The look.....

The customer's brief was 'definitely not hotel chic!' She wanted an elegant and sophisticated room that fit with the look and feel of the rest of the house.

The look was achieved by using lilac and purple tones. The walls are Farrow & Balls 'calluna', the roman blinds were made up by our seamstress using Scions 'fig'. The flooring is amtico which is hugely practical for a bathroom and yet looks beautiful and makes a great change from tiles. It has been laid in a herringbone pattern.

The bath was the customers own and was upcycled with new wall mounted taps and Farrow & Balls 'pelt' on the sides. Other fixtures and fittings were supplied and fitted by The Bathroom Studio

Black accents were added throughout via the picture frames, mirror & wc seat.

The shower tiles were from Mandarin Stone and are simply gorgeous!

The wall lights and overhead light are both bathroom regulated lights but show that they don't have to be boring. These bring glamour to the room.

The process.....

After an initial meeting during which the customer's tastes, requirements and budget were discussed a design board was created. This included samples of all finishes, a floor plan, images and estimates of all items and tradespeople. Another 'design board' meeting followed and customer loved the design! 

The next stage was to project manage the installation together with the order and delivery of all items. The customer was provided with a project schedule which was updated at the end of each week. Nest recommended and managed all the trade people on site. These included the bathroom supplier and fitter, the flooring contractor, the decorator, the joiner, the handyman and the seamstress. We visited site each week and dealt with all snags upon the completion of the project.

The customer is delighted with the outcome and calls it 'my room of decadence!'


A few more pictures.....



Thinking of extending?

The reality of living in this country is that at least 80% of the year is spent indoors. With that in mind it makes so much sense to bring a bit more of that outdoor space in. Extending your house is a great way to make the most of your home. Yes there will be upheaval and chaos whilst it happens but the end result will be, without a shadow of a doubt, totally worth it!

At nest we are often asked to help people who are in the process of extending their home. We can get involved at any stage:

From the initial planning, working with the architect to help you make the most of your space,

To working with the builder to make sure those all important questions are answered (where to put the sockets, light fitting/switches, subfloor etc).

And most importantly, the final scheme itself. Walls, flooring, blinds/curtains, lighting, furniture, kitchen units and surfaces. We can help you make the space into your home.

We have helped people design gorgeous kitchen/dining/living areas, family rooms, beautiful master bedrooms in loft conversions and even gyms.

So if you are thinking of extending, please do get in touch.



Some pictures of a recent project

On this project the customer wanted to divide a room into a front 'den' room and a large family room at the rear of the house.

We initially helped with the spacial planning and sourcing a builder.Once the layout was decided we provided design boards for the den and family room showing different options for furniture, lighting, rugs and accessories together with samples of all fabrics and paint. We also provided a scaled plan so the customer could see how the furniture would fit. The customer was delighted with these and once they had made their final choices they proceeded with our order and delivery service.

Here are some pictures of the finished project:

Our latest publication...

We are very excited to see our latest article published in the lovely Mums & Dads magazine www.mums-dads.co.uk . It's all about decluttering and smart storage for children's bedrooms. Is it time you tackled 'that' room? If the answer is yes then have a read of our useful suggestions in the article below and give us a call!


Thinking Inside the Box

 By , on March 12th, 2013 Nest Interior Design


Re-design Children’s Bedroomsspring-clean verb. – to clean all of a place, especially your house, very well, including parts you do not often clean

This ritual can be traced back in many cultures as a time of cleansing and renewing; as part of a pre- Passover ritual in a Jewish household to clean out the bread and flour items in a house, in Iran it is common to continue a practice of thoroughly cleaning the house on the first day of spring and in Scotland, the house is traditionally cleaned before midnight as part of Hogmanay.

For many of us those first few warmer days of spring mean we turn our thoughts to throwing open the windows, giving the house a deep-clean and having a bit of a sort out. This is the perfect opportunity for de-cluttering and re-organising  and a great place to apply this is in children’s bedrooms.

Bedrooms often become hoarding places. New toys arrive but children can’t bear to part with the old ones. Soft toys that never get played with or long-grown-out-of-toys suddenly become firm favourites when recycling is suggested!

At Nest Interior Design we are often asked to help re-vamp or re-design children’s bedrooms and playrooms so here are a few thoughts to help in what can seem an overwhelming task.

1 Sort. Take stock of what is in drawers and cupboards and try to divide it up into three piles: (1) keep, (2) bin/recycle/charity, (3) nostalgic. There are always going to be toys which are special to your child or even to you so package these up and pop them in the loft. Smaller items like medals/photographs etc can always be displayed up high.

2 Organise. Decide which toys/books/games your child will want to access regularly themselves and those which are not often played with or perhaps they need assistance with. Try to group toys into themes e.g construction, vehicles, figures, craft toys, dolls, accessories.

3 Storage. Consider your existing storage and see what would be best suited to each group of toys. Keep books and favourite toys at low level, display favourite photos, certificates, school artwork in simple frames on the wall or propped up on shelves. Make clever use of space through under-bed storage drawers, a blanket box doubling as a window seat, hooks for bags and fairy wings, a clothes rail for fancy dress outfits, magnetic pinboards for keepsakes and party invites and shoeboxes for trinkets and bits and bobs.

Use this opportunity to have a think about the layout of the room and if this works as well as it could. Consider the different activities the child will want to do in their room and try to provide a space for this e.g a low table to make lego models on, use the top of a low bookcase to set up a ‘shop’ with toy food and a till, floor cushions are great for relaxing with a bedtime story. Children love to have ‘zones’ in which to read/hide/construct. Consider lighting in line with this, a clip on light on a bookshelf by the bed encourages bedtime and early morning reading; a table lamp will help with focused activities like building.

If you decide you need new furniture, opt for durable, wipe clean and simple. White furniture always works and you can add colour and personality via a rug, cushions, storage boxes, wall stickers and a paint colour that can easily be updated. Don’t write off old items of furniture if they could be given a new lease of life. ‘Upcycling’ with a pop of paint colour and new doorknobs/handles can transform a chest of drawers or cupboard unit.

If the carpet has seen better days, consider a large rug to provide somewhere comfortable to play and relax. If the bedding is too young for them now, update with something cheerful but timeless, avoid themes and instead try geometric prints in a fresh palette.

When you’re done, hopefully the space will feel a lot more ordered. If everything has a place to live it will make tidying up a lot easier after they’ve had friends round to play and you can’t see the floor. Ok, that’s that job over with for another year…..now the rest of the house!


www.korlahome.com - for cheerful fabrics

www.aspace.co.uk - for great children’s furniture & bedding

www.duckeggdesigns.com - for personalised toy boxes

www.rockettstgeorge.co.uk - for fabulous wall stickers

www.grahamandgreen.co.uk – for a great range of doorknobs & handles


New Year, New Hallway?

Lavish some love on your hallway. This often forgotten room can really change the look and feel of your home and lift your spirits every time you open your front door.

For just £75 we offer a one hour design consultation. Starting at your front door we will help you transform your hallway with advice on the colour scheme, flooring, furniture, lighting and accessories.

Whether you want bold, quirky or calm, below are some ideas to inspire you….


If you do one thing before Christmas........

Paint the legs of your table! It works well using a strong accent colour from your room and can easily be updated if you change your colour scheme in the future.

At nest we love this Benchmark 'Mrs B painted table'

Go on, we dare you! Send us your pics of the finished item.

Hang Ups

Perhaps I have storage issues…? Following last week’s post on stylish storage, I was inspired by some wacky hooks this morning to seek out more good-looking hooks. Now, we have the same standard hook requirements as everyone else, coats, bags, umbrellas but my 4 year old daughter has a hooking need all of her very own. There are bags for ballet, dance & tennis, there are also bags for books, dolls and cats & dogs, bags for visiting friends, bags for bits & bobs, bags for transporting jewellery & hairslides. All these bags need hanging, on top of that, there are also hooks needed for displaying sparkly fairy wings.


So, you see, we have a high level of hooking needs and wants. Dull hooks just won’t cut it in our house. In case you are the same, here is a round-up of some of the most handsome hooks around.


Sources: Graham & Green, Skandivis, Rockett St.George & Bombay Duck



A BIG thankyou to Mums in the Know, Hale, who featured the owners of Nest, Lucy & Ceri, in the Spotlight this month. Click on the link below to read the story.

Hale Mum Spotlight


I’m Lucy Burt and I recently launched an interior design company with my best friend, Ceri Murray.  Between us, we are mums to four children, a cat and a badly behaved dog!  Now our little ones have started school,nest interior design is our baby!

Ceri and I initially met some 14 years ago when we worked together in London in a previous life (pre-children and naughty pets!). We then took separate career paths – Ceri retrained and worked as a solicitor in family law and I retrained in interior design at Chelsea Art College.  By coincidence, we both separately re-located to Manchester and set up the business together. click here to read more

Stylish Storage

Ok, so you would rather the gorgeous sideboard was for stocking all your fancy drinks instead of ugly plastic toys but…..wouldn’t you rather your house was looking more Elle Deco and less ELC?

Everyone wants their house to be a bit of a sanctuary at the end of a busy day when you finish a day of full-on childcare or work and the kids are in bed.  Smart storage can really help you reclaim your house and your sanity. So much easier to settle down to a meal and catch up with your partner or even a spot of work or reading in the evening if you don’t have to step over engines, stacking blocks or Barbie’s endless shoe supply (why she has more than us is another subject entirely…) to get to the armchair.

Check out our edited version of the stylish storage options available from Graham & Green.


Autumn is here. It is wet and windy outside and the evenings are drawing in. It is time to lock the weather outside and turn your thoughts to creating a calm and comforting space to relax and unwind in. Two essential ingredients are candles and throws. Nest loves these teal candles in mercuried glass holders to create that warm glow. Couple these with this luxurious lambs wool throw to keep you warm. All you need now for the perfect evening is a hot chocolate and a good book!


Both candle holders and throw are by Cox & Cox. www.coxandcox.co.uk

For other fabulous throws look at Feather & Black. www.featherandblack.com


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